Practices Of Raven Retreats


Why does sound have such an effect on the soul?
Why do millions gather together from around
the world to hear music?  Why do we feel lighter after dancing until sunrise?
A song can bring us to time travel in the mind, stir emotion, completely altering the state of being.
Everything around us has external frequency- sometimes ineffable and imperceptible, sometimes palpable and authenticating- oscillating across the spectrum of being from living to non-living and non-living to living.
Sound effects can create acceleration of a inward journey;
Time suspended as we enter a world of sensation the brain rests into theta waves.
Theta is the brains deepest repair state. Physical injuries can be healed old emotional traumas released, insights can be accessed, leaving us vibrantly alive.

Theta Healing

A catalyst of personal revolution, Theta Healing is an energetic technique that illuminates Creative Consciousness by encouraging awareness into the depths of the subconscious mind to confront limiting beliefs that inhibit moving through life on Purpose. Theta Healing can activate the intrinsic power of the individual to reclaim the Self, Joy, Passion, Desire, Abundance, Love, Sex, and Success

The Breath of Life

Prana, the vital energy of all life, is the thread between the astral and the physical bodies. Our energy body "Merkaba" or "Light Body" is beyond anything physical–it is our true, eternal nature.

“Through Prana the gods live, and also do men and beasts. Prana is verily the life of beings. Therefore it is called the universal life or the life of all. Principle of life. It is like ether, an omnipresent principle; and all motion, either in the body or anywhere else, is the work of this Prana. It is greater than Akasha, and through it everything lives. Prana is in the mother, in the father, in the sister, in the teacher, Prana is the knower."
Swami Vivekananda

Shakti Shiva  Ecstatic dance

Ecstatic dance is movement practice featuring elements of experimentation, intuitive interpretation and physical expression.

Celebrate divine Goddess / God creating balance of  polarities, through practice of movement & stillness.

Shakti is movement, "power" or "empowerment," the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe. Shakti is the personification, of divine feminine creative power.
Shiva; is stillness “limitless” or “transcendent” the primal
“Atman” (soul self) of burning desire.
Shiva is the personification, of divine masculine energy. Intention and direction guide transcendence in the pursuit of liberation of ones soul.
Reminding us that all material existence is impermanent.

Exploring movement to inspire creativity & stillness limitlessness.
Move the body activated the creative force within. Transcend through movement breathe, flow, shake, dance sweat & surrender to stillness, euphoria wash over with the celebration of balance of God/ Goddess.