The beatuy of Guatemala

Amy Raven
Jul 10, 2018

The Beauty Of Lake Atitlan

Atitlan means in the Maya language "The place where the rainbow gets its colors." An old crater, created from the volcanic eruption 84,000 years ago making it the deepest lake in Central America. The depth of this clear blue lake gives the viewer a sense of wonder! The weather in December is warm but not unbearable. The high desert gives shade with its many trees full of talkative birds. The clarity invites one to take a dip in its healing water. Surrounded by volcanoes gives an awareness to the richness this land holds. The Volcanos Atitlan, San Pedro, Tomiman watch over this sacred water. Soul inspired, breath taken as I gazed from the mountain road that goes around the lake to little villages nestled along the shoreline. Each village with its traditions still alive with pulsation. Santigo welcomed me with open arms. I started my day meeting a local that my friend knew. We arrived at a cliffside property with horses, a temple, and a bee farm. She welcomed us to help her jar the honey with her. The donkey on the property ate the honeycombs and constantly had to be guided away from our jarring operation. I went for a hike on the property to find a cliff bench to sit and bird watch. My friend Michelle who brought on this adventure had lived in this beautiful land forming lifelong friendships had started a business with this woman. The business La Terrez purchases recycled Traje to make beautiful meditation pillows and yoga bags. The sweet young local seamstress and her sister would shop with her and make her designs. I was grateful to meet so many local people. When we left the honey station we came to stay with a family that ran a local school. Amanda's children walked us down the dirt road to a dock to swim at sunset. My friends and I giggled like children playing in the lake. Each village has traditional "Traje" or ceremonial clothing that represents distinct styles, colors, and patterns. The symbols used are of Mayan origin that is an expression of the wearers' regional identity as well as their Mayan ethnicity. The handmade Traje of Santigo is bright beautiful birds. I was awestruck sitting on the dock watching the many birds fly through the air, play in the water and fest on the evening bugs. It was clear to me the inspiration of the beautiful embroidered birds I saw in the market earlier in the day. The volcanoes that surround the healing waters of Lake Atitlan brought me to a meditative space. In all of my world travels this Lake is one of the most beautiful places I have traveled.

"Atitlan means in the Maya language "The place where the rainbow gets its colors." 

After the sunset, the children walked us to met their mother at a local restaurant on the lake. They knew the waiter by name and made themselves at home walking back into the kitchen to say hello to the chef. The blue corn tortillas were fresh handmade, the fish was caught earlier in the day. The food tantalized my taste buds, sounds of pleasure came from each of us when tasting the traditional style of black beans that come with every meal. This was our first real fest of the journey. To our surprise, the bill was cheap! We waddled out of the restaurant with our leftovers in a food coma and smiles on our faces. Amanda showed us our villa in the garden simple clean and comfortable. I sleep deeply with gratitude for the new friend and the beauty I had experienced in beautiful Santigo Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

Amanda Flayer is always looking for books and art supplies for her school if you would like to support the growth and education of the children of this beautiful land find her on facebook Or check out her website

I Loved Lake Atitlan so much I decided to host a retreat at Villa Sumaya across the lake from Santigo to share this beauty with others. Check out if you feel called to this beautiful land.

My love & light be at your feet of any journey you may take. Sat Nam

Amy Raven

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